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250K Horizontal Proof Test Machine/Test Bed

  250,000 LB. 113,398 Kg 60' Base section

  • Existing warehouse slab is sufficient foundation if no major cracks are present.  Thus, no additional costs to the customer.
  • Calibration by Roberts Calibration Inc, Accredited by A2LA, meets ASTM E-4 and ISO 7500-1 in accordance with ISO 17025.
  • Calibration costs are not included outside the United States and Canada.
  • For overseas shipments, machines may be built in 38' sections, for shipment in 40' containers.
  • Also see our wire rope grips page which includes specifications.

Standard Model Specifications

  • Power Unit, 10 HP,  220/440 volts,  26/13a,  3PH,  60HZ
  • Frame, 40' (12.19m) with manually operated covers.
  • Maximum pull, pin to pin,(approx) 30' (12.14m)
  • Outside width 48" (1.22m)
  • Height from floor, center line, 13.50" (.34m)
  • Rail height, (step over), 16.50" .42m)
  • Hydraulic cylinder, 48" stroke (1.22m)
  • Cylinder Speed (approx) 36"/min (.91m) adjustable
  • Manuel load lock for repeat testing.
  • Load Control semi-Automatic
  • Load Cell 5 to 1 Design factor
  • Roberts Proof Test Certificate software (Test 35) with A2D convertor
  • Serial Cable
  • Calibration
    • 2,500 to 25,000 lbs.
      (1134Kg to 11,340Kg)
    • 25,000 to 250,000 lbs.
      (11,340Kg to 113,398Kg)


  • Tension is supplied by a hydraulic cylinder. For easier and faster hook up, the cylinder is in the pulling mode.
  • The movable carriage allows for testing of different length slings.  The carriage is pinned into these positions through holes in the side rail.
  • The hydraulic cylinder is built to our specifications for this application. It is an expensive, top-of-the-line, high pressure cylinder, and must be compatible with the load cell.
  • Speed adjustment for the cylinders is a very simple item, but by incorporating it into the power unit, we are able to make the cylinder retract at the speed desired.
  • The foundation of this system is the hydraulic power unit. Being able to control in small increments with a constant, steady flow of hydraulic fluid to the cylinder allows us to calibrate to ASTM E-4, +/- 1% of reading,  traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 
  • For repeat testing, a manual loadlock is furnished at no charge. For testing several items, the operator sets this on the first test piece. The machine will automatically return to this pressure load each time a new piece is placed into the machine.
  • A remote control pendant is furnished at no charge. This allows for safer, faster, and easier hook-ups.
  • Manually operated cover is standard. The cover is counter balanced for easy opening and closing. Approximately 25 lbs. (11.34 kgs.) force is required to open or close. (See options for hydraulically operated cover).
  • The load measuring system electronic load cell is the heart of the system. The load cell allows very accurate recording of the load attained during a test. The electronic strain gauge load cell is an independent measuring system not tied into the hydraulic system. This load cell system, with two ranges, may be calibrated from 1% to 100% of the maximum capacity of the load cell. The load cell will calibrate to ASTM E-4, +/- 1%, traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • Test 35 software uses a computer as the digital indicator. The A2D Converter changes the analog signal to digital. The digital signal is sent to the computer running Test 35. This allows you to use the computer as the digital indicator, while also being able to use the word processing function of the computer.
  • Roberts Proof Test Certificate software (Test 35) automatically makes .pdf files. The .pdf files (Test Cert) generated by Test 35 may be printed on any computer with Adobe. This significantly simplifies file management and distribution of duplicate Certs. Also, Test 35 need only be operating on a single computer. When a .pdf of the Cert from a test is made, it can be stored on any computer.
  • The separate peak/hold system automatically resets to the desired test load. With the automatic system, you never lose the peak of the last test.
  • The Load Limit Control feature makes it possible to control the force being applied and the amount of time the test will perform at that level of force. The Load Limit Control will also let the operator set the limits of fluctuation of force, so a test will not be run below a specified force, nor above a specified force.


Our proof testing machinery is the best value in the industry. We offer more features as standard items than our competitors. Our test machines are stronger due to the amount of steel content and design. They calibrate easier and stay in calibration longer. The differences between Roberts Testing Equipment, Inc. test beds and the competition are as follows:

  • Roberts Testing Equipment, Inc.
    • Safety: Fully enclosed
    • Load measuring system is an independent electronic load cell with digital readout (see pressure transducer vs. load cell information sheet.)
    • Very accurate lower limits. Will calibrate to ASTM E-4, +/- 1% of reading, traceable to NIST.
    • Standard guarantee: Accuracy of +/-  1% of reading on digital indicator from 1% to 100 % of the load cell value and is calibrated and is accurate to very low limits of the test bed. Compare our lower limits to the competition.
    • Peak/hold automatic system
    • Independent system is accurate on break tests.

  • Competition
    • Unsafe: Not fully enclosed. Bottom open.
    • Load measuring system is a pressure transducer, dependent on the hydraulic pressure.
    • Not accurate at low range. Will not calibrate to ASTM E-4.
    • They guarantee from 5% to 100%, but the lower 5% of  range is not accurate.
    • Hydraulic pressure transducer is not accurate on break tests


We also have a standard safety feature which is a fully enclosed frame including sides, ends, and top. Other manufacturers do not offer this. With their machines, if an item breaks, the small pieces will come out from under the sides and out the end of the test machine. This is why it is important to have the machine totally enclosed.


  • Hydraulically operated cover.
  • Small cylinder for Testing 1,000 to 25,000 lbs.
    (453.6 Kg to 11,340 Kg 
  • Computer with Mircosoft XP software (desk top or lap top)and printer.  Test 35 is included on all machines.
  • Additional sections per 20ft (6.09m)
  • Additional cylinder Stroke per foot (.30m)
  • Hydraulic guage (6") with Lbs. Force (back up)
  • Length measuring system is used to measure the stretch of a sample while under load.  This is similar to, but not quite the same as, an elongation measurement.  The length measuring system measures the stretch of the full length of the sling while under a specific load, to calculate headroom whem making a lift. The includes a length transducer, necessary mounting and electronic logic to sum total length. A digital display of the length of the sling may be seen on the computer screen.

Installation Requirements

Items furnished by Roberts Testing Equipment:

  • Design and specifications for the testing machine.
  • All hydraulic power units, cylinders, load measuring equipment (i.e., digital readout, load cells, etc.), test machine frame components. Frame will be sandblasted, primed, and painted.
  • Advise on installation.
  • All training for proper use of test equipment.
  • Operation manuals and maintenance manuals.

Items to be furnished by the customer:

  • Labor for installation.
  • Reinforced concrete slab, 10' feet (3.048 metres) wide, 4"(10.16 cm) thick.  Commerical warehouse slab with no major cracks or faults is sufficient for no additional cost tot the customer.
  • All foundation work, including anchoring points, and anchoring systems (if required).
  • All lifting equipment, cranes or lifts of sufficient size for safe unloading and installation including operators.
  • All electrical connections and electricians to hook up the electric motor and controls.
  • Extra hydraulic oil, equal to AW 46.
  • Touch up paint, if desired, aftr installation. Sherwin-Williams 5202-14230 or spray 140-0621.
  • All miscellaneous hand tools including a hammer drill and air compressor, welder and cutting tools.