Our Values And History

The Rigging Box, Inc. Established March Of 2007 in Lorton, VA.

We opened our facility with all the latest technology in the rigging manufacturing industry. Our location consists of an 12,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, 1,500 sq. ft. Office/Showroom and a 1,000 sq. ft. training facility. We are a SWaM/DMBE certified organization through the State of Virginia, a small woman owned & managed company.  The Rigging Box, Inc. offers the highest quality in rigging gear and material handling, along with the best suppliers for all of our rigging supplies.  We have 25 years in the rigging industry and offer a variety of safety training and inspection services.  These services can be performed at the customer’s location or at our facility.  

The manufacturing process is on site, which allows us to have better control over the materials utilized in the fabrication process. We can customize any slings or lift designs to meet any needs.  We can also add your company name and or logo to each tag, with the use of FIRST® Sling technology and tagging system. This system allows us to have a printed label that is set inside of a heavy-duty vinyl jacket which enables us to add a serial number to each tag for easier tracking and customer identification.  We can now offer laser engraving to any metal tag or hardware.


  • We are committed to providing you with the safest rigging for the job.
  • We meet and exceed the ASME/B30.9 standards.
  • We have a certified Wirop WPT-600, 120′ long, 1.4 million pounds total test capacity test bed which is calibrated each year to the E-4 standard.We offer onsite Sling and Hardware inspections. 

We have people that can come to your site to do any inspections needed. A complete and detailed report will be provided at the end of each inspection. We can bring back anything that may need further inspection, repair and testing.  Any repair that is made by us, will be Certified Proof Tested to meet the ASME/B30.9 Standards. 

We have a basic safety rigging, sling and hardware inspection training program that can be performed at your location or ours. By having the basic rigging, sling and hardware inspection class at our facility, the riggers will have the opportunity to see the fabrication process. We will also perform test breakage on the slings fabricated. Knowing what a sling sounds like while breaking can be a valuable tool.  The Rigging Box, Inc. has a strict limited amount of American  material suppliers (such as webbing, threads, wire and chain) to maintain the highest quality of materials used for fabrication.

 The Rigging Box, Inc. can provide below the hook lifting devices designated to fit your needs.  We also design and fabricate specialty lifting items. The Rigging Box, Inc. services the Nuclear Power Industry, armed services, heavy to light construction, manufacturing facilities, transportation companies, towing companies, FEMA-Fire stations and utility providers.

Join us in our effort to raise funds for St Jude and ASPCA