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Single Path Round Slings

Polyester Load Bearing Yarns

Design Factor 5:1

Working Load Limits In lbs.

 Part #Color CodeVerticalChoker90 Degree BasketMin Lenght
RBS30Purple2,6502,120 5,3003ft
RBS60Green5,3004,24010,600 3ft 
RBS90Yellow8,4006,72016,800 3ft 
RBS120Tan10,6008,50021,200 3ft 
RBS150Red13,20010,56026,400 3ft 
RBS180White16,80013,44033,600 6ft 
RBS240Blue21,20017,00042,400 6ft 
RBS300Orange25,00020,00050,000 6ft 
RBS360Gray31,70025,30063,400 6ft 
RBS600Brown52,90042,300105,800 7ft 
RBS800Olive66,10052,880132,200 7ft 
RBS1000Black90,00072,000180,000 7ft