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Fabricated products

  1. All hardware shall be identifiable.
  2. All wire rope slings shall be tagged with name or trademark of manufacture, rated loads for the types of hitches used and the angle upon which it is based and the diameter or size.
  3. All wire rope slings shall be traceable to the wire rope manufacture.
  4. Wire rope manufacturer reel numbers shall be maintained by the records department
  5. All wire rope slings shall be tagged with working load limits.
  6. All swaged fittings shall be visually inspected and gauged.
  7. Wire rope slings shall not be rated beyond their weakest component.
  8. All wire rope slings shall have a 5.1 design factor.
  9. All resin socketing shall be performed in accordance with manufacturer instructions.
  10. Any sling that is not standard, an in-house break test shall be performed and the results recorded and placed in the proper binder. If the test proves unsatisfactory, the sling shall not be manufactured until such time that necessary changes are made and the assembley meets all requirements.
  11. All packaging shall be such that the sling is protected from damage during transportation.
  12. Before being released to the customer, the fabricator and second inspector shall sign The New Product Fabrication Form that they have met these standards in the manufacturing, testing and packaging process.